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Witness note ID needed to assist GPD hit-and-run case

— Someone saw this accident happen because they left a witness statement behind. But for Grangeville police to successfully work this case they need one thing more: Who left that note?

GPD is currently investigating an Aug. 16 hit-and-run accident, reported at 3:30 p.m. that afternoon at 204 W. North Street. A gold 2004 Chevrolet Impala, owned by Patricia Alfrey, was struck on the driver’s side door, causing damage in excess of $1,500. The vehicle is not insured.

“A witness left a witness statement on the car but did not sign the note,” said investigator GPD Officer Paul Orgish. The note stated a red Chevrolet pickup backed into Alfrey’s Impala, and that the driver was informed of the accident by this witness.

“To complete the investigation and help the victim,” Orgish said, particularly with restitution to cover damage repair, “it would be greatly appreciated whoever the witness was to contact the police department.”

Depending on circumstances of the case, he said, this incident could be handled as an infraction or possibly a misdemeanor.

Information can be directed to Grangeville Police Department, 983-1351.


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