Open letter to USFS Regional Forester Marten

What to tell constituents on smokey skies? An open letter to Regional Forester Leanne Marten, Northern Region United States Forest Service, Missoula, Montana 59804 Dear Supervisor, I have been inundated with calls from my constituents relative to what can be done about the smoke in the air from forest fires. They talk of their health being compromised, and their quality of life significantly diminished. They go on to contend that this is just another in a series of many smoke-and-ash-filled summers in recent years. These citizens expect those of us in public service to provide them answers. As the leader of the largest land management organization in northern Idaho, what would you suggest I tell them?

Slavery’s start in U.S.; what happened next?

What always happens to a nation that begins, grows and then declines? The people become arrogant, greedy, and a belief in their manifest destiny takes over. America began with a desire for freedom from the oppressive king and Church of England. The moral differences were secondary and each state was to be allowed to decide what went on within their borders (IE: states’ rights). Slavery in the southern colonies was looked down upon in the northern colonies even though they too had slaves. The first slaves in the colonies were white, and often called “indentured servants.” In 1519, the first black slaves landed in North America.

Issues of tax reform: evasion, moving base

Our Constitution protects us from government including our financial freedom by preventing “direct taxation.” The Founding Fathers of our Constitution recognized the evil nature of taxing productivity and specifically forbade direct taxation in Article I Sections 2, 8, and 9. It all changed in February 1913 with the passage of the 16th Amendment that enables direct taxation and without limits.

Read the verses, let Bible prove me wrong

Please read all Bible verses. Let the Bible prove me wrong. Myth: Rapture not in the Bible. Resurrection of the first fruits, the first resurrection. Rev. 20:1-6, Rev. 11:15-19. If you manage to live through all the seals, trumpets, are keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ, you will be changed at the last trumpet. 1 Cor. 15:50-58, 1 Thess. 4:13-18.

Leaders with big picture view needed to overhaul public lands management

Sometimes, the problems are overwhelming. Take the national debt, for example, which reached $20 trillion for the first time in history. That is obviously insane and casts shame upon our legislators, as a whole, that the budget is funded with such reckless financial mismanagement, due to which adds more than $1.5 billion in debt every day.

Local taxes not the biggest issue, but worthy of public's attention


People don’t show up for public meetings the way they used to. History describes huge numbers standing for hours, listening to Lincoln and Douglas, but during the Sept. 5 Idaho County budget hearing last week, elected officials shared a laugh over something they – and we – are worried about.

Mental health, substance use disorders: Recovery is possible with right help

Guest Opinion

Mental Health and substance use disorders impact thousands of people in Idaho, including many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Everyone reading this likely knows someone struggling with mental illness or addiction, and is well aware of the cost these issues can take on individuals and families throughout the state.

Look outside, see true legacy of Cecil Andrus

Letters to the Editor

Look outside and one can see the true legacy of Cecil Andrus: cease roads, cease mining, cease logging, cease working.

Dumped cats would suffer miserable death

Letters to the Editor

Those who left kittens and cats at the dumpster are irresponsible and heartless.

Quick actions; great neighbors, friends, agencies who respond

Letters to the Editor

We want to take this opportunity to express appreciation to all the fire agencies that responded and quickly stabilized the Dewey Two Fire. We, who live along China Garden Road, were spared the damage which, without question, would have been severe to both property and homes.

Participation made blood drive a success

Letters to the Editor

Thank you to all who made the Sept. 7 Grangeville Community Blood Drive a great success!

No way could do worse than right now with fires everywhere

Letters to the Editor

Leonard Wallace’s letter (Aug. 30) hit the proverbial nail right on the head. He makes a very good cause, in my estimation, for reversion of the national forests and other federal lands to the respective states.

Andrus’ example to apply in our local communities


Not everyone can have a national legacy such as that of former four-term Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus. But everyone can have a local opportunity to impact their communities in such important ways as he typified.

Labrador, addresses lobbyists on state pensions; other candidates dodge question

Guest Opinion

But a loophole of sorts remains in place. Though new organizations can’t join PERSI, private lobbying groups that already pay into PERSI get to stay — and the new people these private groups hire would have their retirement benefits underwritten by you, the Idaho taxpayer.

Idaho must ask, expect more of its politicians

Letters to the Editor

Based on Andrus’ precedent and legacy, we must ask and expect more of our politicians. Our beloved Idaho deserves the politics of decency, diplomacy and decisions that benefit all Idahoans.