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Labrador takes on rap that legislators all ‘morally bad’

It’s good to be reminded that our opponents are not necessarily our enemies, and just because they oppose us doesn’t mean they are moral degenerates.

On Syringa Hospital, Clinics remodel: Improvements for a safer, more accessible care facility

Syringa Hospital has grown and changed to keep up with changes in our community and in health care. Grangeville General Hospital opened its doors in 1939, 75 years ago. In the 1980s, the patient wing along Main Street was added; in the 1990s the emergency department was added; and in 2006 the Idaho County Nursing Home was acquired from the county and remodeled into a primary care clinic.

Remembering Robin Williams

Robin Williams death struck a chord with many people for a variety of reasons. That his death was due to suicide hit us extra hard.

Keep watching as Lochsa swap is punted about

Letter: Shelley Dumas Grangeville

Huckleberries! Plentiful purple everywhere; big, luscious, juicy and free for the pickin’ and eatin’.

Protect elderly from aggressive salesmen at door

Letter: Rebecca Crea Grangeville

Anyone concerned with an elderly parent or grandparent living alone, there are Kirby vacuum salesmen that if let into their home will not leave until your loved one buys it at an absorbent price, often calling ahead offering a free carpet shampoo.

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While rates rose, county gave garbage service away

“It was our mistake, not the tribe’s,” Idaho County Commission chairman James Rockwell said last Monday, Aug. 11, of 28 years of garbage fees the board failed to collect...

Idaho Land Board: Record performance demonstrates endowment, funds benefit us all

The earnings from Idaho’s endowment trust lands and funds – which we oversee as the Land Board – totaled $330 million in fiscal year 2014, a record achievement that is relieving citizens of part of the cost of funding important functions of state government and putting Idahoans to work...

Don’t use animals for pellet gun practice

Letter: Karin and Bill Vetter Grangeville

Pellet gun shooting maims and injures beloved pets Whoever decided to shoot two cats Monday afternoon, July 28, in the Happy Hollow area has caused a significant amount of damage...

Buyer beware with purchases in Washington

Letter: Mary Lycan Kooskia

For those going outside our area looking for hot deals on big ticket items, be alert and know exactly what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line in Washington state.

Public info victory: food stamp spending open for scrutiny

How are your tax dollars spent? Specifically, how much money are local retailers being paid through participation in the food stamp program?

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Vets needed to help VA services

The men and women of our Armed Forces face many challenges as they protect our nation. Because of the unique challenges they face and solemn sacrifices they make, Congress must support the needs of service members both on the battlefield and upon their return. The recent exposure of the mistreatment of veterans seeking assistance through the U.S.

Otter delivers on bad expectations

When Cecil Andrus was governor, he stopped his “Capitol for a Day” trips during campaign season. Why? It was unethical to campaign on the public dime.