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Bad Idea


Let offenders learn, grow from mistakes

Across our desk came notice of $30.5 million being made available from the U.S. Department of Labor in “Face Forward” grants. The program helps youth between the ages of 14 to 24 in communities with high poverty and high crime rates with occupational training and credentials that, according to the program, “help them open the door to career success.”

Sen. Nuxoll: don’t apologize for the truth

Letter: Ken Carpenter Grangeville

Over the years, in reading the letters to the editor, I have observed some things. The less a person knows about a subject the more vitriolic they are inclined to be. When someone exposes their unwholesome lifestyle the viler they tend to become. The Christian seems to be the only one who is not allowed to live according to the teachings of their Holy Book.

Our founders were not men who lacked faith

Letter: Jim Chmelik Idaho County Comissioner

In a recent letter to the editor a challenge was made that we were not a nation founded under Judaeo / Christian principles and a lesson in civics 101 was offered. Unfortunately it was incomplete.

Sen. Nuxoll: admire, respect her resolve

Letter: W. Alan Hall

America home of the brave and land of the free, I want to believe that it still exists; regarding Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll’s being criticized for so-called not honoring a Hindu priest.

Sen. Nuxoll: Held head up and boldly said...

Letter: Jim and Jan Jessup

Senator Nuxoll stuck her head up and boldly said we are a Christian nation founded on Christian principles, and that in our chambers of government we should not endorse the beliefs of foreign gods.

Knee-jerk hysteria to Sen. Nuxoll’s refusal

Letter: Thomas Reilly Grangeville

I find humorous the knee-jerk hysteria to Senator Sheryl Nuxoll’s refusal to participate in a Hindu invocation ceremony at the recent opening of the Idaho Senate session in Boise.

Sen. Nuxoll has right to voice her opinion

Letter: Monty Spears Harpster

In today’s world of political correctness, it’s refreshing to see one of our politicians stand up for what they believe in.

Senator should strive to be correct before babbling on

Letter: Wayne J. Wimer Kent, Wash.

My cousin, Sen. Nuxoll, boycotted a Senate invocation by a non-Christian and justified the decision on her false premise: “the fact that our entire legal system was based on the 10 Commandments.” As a lawmaker, the Senator should strive to be correct before babbling on about the derivation of the laws that went before her.

Didn’t compromise and being condemned?

Letter: David Eichholz, Pierce

There have been several letters expressing negative viewpoints regarding Nuxoll’s recent political blunder.

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Your best shot


Prescription medication abuse thrives partially on lack of understanding

Prescription medication misuse and abuse is not exclusively a big-city problem; it’s here – right here in rural Idaho — and we have work to do to raise public awareness about the problem.

Nuxoll not elected to determine which religions acceptable

Letter: Dick and Jennifer Artley Grangeville

We’d like to thank Dave Rauzi and the Free Press editorial board for their succinct appraisal of Dist. 7 Senator Sheryl Nuxoll’s recent display of ignorance and intolerance. Religion is a personal matter. Most politicians know this and are wise enough to steer clear of the subject. Not Nuxoll.

Nuxoll’s statement anti-American; this country for all people

Letter: Spike and Peggy Dorf Grangeville

We would like to be counted among the people of Idaho who do not agree with Senator Sheryl Nuxoll’s blatant and outlandish statements and actions against the Hindu Prayer in the statehouse.

Nuxoll: Point it out and I’ll buy you a steak dinner

Letter: Arge Jeffery Grangeville

Is the United States a Christian nation? Was our government founded on Judeo-Christian principles as Senator Sheryl Nuxoll claims? The answer to both questions is no, which is just Civics 101.