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Happy Thanksgiving


Why we shop local

We’ve all shopped the big box stores and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are things we can purchase from those facilities that we can often not get in our small towns.

Responsibility of governing

The American people sent a message Nov. 4, putting Republicans in control of the Senate and boosting our majority in the House. Now, it is our job to show that we can govern so we can restore the shaken confidence of our constituents and put the greatest country in the world on the right track.

Mismanagement by Brazell doesn’t stop at clear-cut

Letter: Dick Artley Grangeville

Idaho’s infamous Nez Perce National Forest supervisor Brazell, responsible for proposing to dispose of 30 square miles of national forest land to an Oregon development/real estate company, is up to it again.

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Thank veterans by working hard, being honest, by love

A photo of a handwritten letter from a father to his daughter’s school has been circulating through Facebook again.

Support women in your life: have them act for health

Everyone has a woman in his or her life. Mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, girlfriends, best friends. That’s why breast cancer is everyone’s business.

Encourage kids in joy of reading

Letter: Chris Hansen-FitzMaurice Grangeville

Idaho Family Reading Week takes place Nov. 16-22. All around the state, adults and children will participate in literacy activities in homes, schools and libraries.

Veterans’ reward is to see America prosper

Letter: Al Mills White Bird

The day before Veterans Day I received five cards from young elementary students in McCall where my granddaughter goes to school.

America recycles … and so do Idaho County residents

Brrr! With the arrival of wintry weather, fleece jackets and gloves are a popular apparel choice.

What will change? A politician talking politics

But we’re going to risk it in this instance because this week’s election makes it somewhat timely. That, combined with the fact that the politician to whom we spoke is not running for office, makes this all a bit more interesting. During election season, politicians are always pressed for time — halfway out the door they just walked through — so there is little opportunity to really discuss what’s happening.

Crash reminder of veterans’ service

A parade, a recognition ceremony, flags along Main Street: All are great and honorable ways leading up to Veterans Day to recognize the men and women who served in U.S. Armed Forces.

Editorial reveals ‘ugly bias’

Letter: Shelley Dumas Grangeville

I am proud to be a Democrat in Idaho. I am proud to be an advocate and practitioner of our values and platform: social and environmental responsibility, education reform and advancement, fair and equal human rights, strengthening the family framework through decent wages and schooling opportunities.

Rauzi missed it: Party does matter

Letter: Bill Farmer Cottonwood

David Rauzi missed it completely.

Risch, Labrador legislate away 39,000 acres

Letter: Harvey Neese Clarkston, Wash.

This is directed to those citizens who were aware of the promise by Risch and Labrador related to legislating away up to 39,000 acres of public forest lands in Latah, Clearwater, Idaho and Benewah counties and then voted them back into office to accomplish this.