Running against the wind

Tuition reduction, cigarette tax proposal a long-term, difficult improvement

I am 29 years old, but I have been around public policy long enough to know that it is easier to oppose an idea than to build policy that improves lives. Why? Two reasons: • Opposition is faster: Less accountability to the public, to staff, and to partners; • There is no silver bullet: No policy solves every aspect of every complex problem.

We’re a great county, good people

Letter to the Editor

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks to all that we hold dear.

Support exchange; get local work force back into woods to harvest

Letter to the Editor

I fully support the Lochsa land exchange. Environmentalists have created a bug-a-boo in order to scare the local populace away from this proposal.

Morality of nation dropped so low Hillary has chance to be president

Letter to the Editor

President Bush had golfed 24 times but out of respect for our troops, he stopped golfing. As of Aug. 23, 2015, Obama had golfed 247 rounds, more than 10 times more than Bush.

Opposed to state taking over and selling off our public lands

Letter to the Editor

I’m writing this in response to the dialogue we’ve seen in the statehouse and in the newspapers in Idaho over the last few years that’s been happening amongst some of our more extremist politicians.

No good alternative to being locked out of our forest

Letter to the Editor

The Lochsa Land Exchange has reared its ugly head again, and nothing in the past three years has changed to make it a better plan for the citizens of Idaho County, the users and owners of our public lands.

Peer pressure can help steer youth from drugs


Peer pressure can be a good thing. You heard us right. Peer pressure can be a good thing. Maybe we should call it “peer encouragement.” Whatever the label, it can work in positive ways.

Shooting incident made worse due to failures in public disclosure

Neighboring Adams County has a nightmare on its hands that reverberates throughout our region, and rightly so.

Land exchange hearing to be ‘more riveting than football or politics’

Tuesday evening, Nov. 24, Grangeville will host Senator Risch’s hearing on the Lochsa Land Exchange (LX). It will be more riveting than any football game or political debate. It will be a national test case to determine if our society can prevent corporate America and the fuzzy thinking politicians from callously privatizing huge chunks of our irreplaceable public land.

WWP uses rancher’s death to make political hay

A fringe environmental group recently displayed its total lack of class, morals, ethics and intelligence by attempting to make political gain from the tragic death of Adams County rancher, Jack Yantis.

Sen. Risch hearing on Nov. 24 is a setup

Please take videos of your national forest visits for your great grandchildren to view. They will be interested to see what an undeveloped, wild, naturally functioning forest ecosystem was like before the national forests were privatized.

‘One big fraud’

The Lochsa Land Exchange zombie once again rises like a cadaver from the grave. This time, the deal appears to be a legislative end-run around the good management of the Forest Service and the people of Idaho County by incorporating all the worst options that shut it down last time.

Generosity shown locally toward veterans

I would like to thank the businesses for their generosity towards veterans on Veterans Day. While there is turmoil and chaos throughout our country as well as the world in general, often events such as Veterans Day are overlooked or not given the appropriate amount of attention.

Tobacco tax proposal a short-term, lazy fix


Who isn’t for making an Idaho college education more affordable? And if you do that by bumping up the price of a pack of smokes, who’s to care? After all, it’s a dirty habit, it’s bad for your health and, well, who likes those smokers anyway. Right?

Stopping wave of area drug use

Guest Opinion

We know there are drugs in our town. We know these create problems in our town. We know people and neighborhoods who are affected by all of this in our town. We love our town. We hate to see any problems that negatively affect our town.