Addressing the college, career part of Idaho’s public education system

Guest Opinion

As we near the midway point in successfully implementing the 20 recommendations from the 2013 Task Force for Improving Education, it’s time to turn our attention to the postsecondary part of Idaho’s K-through-Career education system.

Suspect history will return favor to Obama

Letter to the Editor

Tribune headline Jan. 6: Obama plans final White House bash before term ends.

Your generosity helped families for Christmas

Letter to the Editor

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare would like to thank you for helping with the Grangeville area Tree-of-Sharing.

Mystery of America’s Political System

Letter to the Editor

I am completely mystified at how Americans vote and how legislators completely ignore the people’s wishes on important issues. Polls on public lands show that people by a wide margin support all Americans retaining ownership and not individual states or private sources.

Gathering info on those ‘plowed in’

Letter to the Editor

I would like to gather photos and testimonials from Idaho County residents who are also experiencing this issue of being “plowed in” by the Grangeville Highway District.

Outstanding work on roads through winter

Letter to the Editor

Here’s a big thanks to the road crews for their outstanding work at keeping our roads in great shape through this difficult winter.

Gratitude to those who gave to food bank

Letter to the Editor

Camas Prairie Food Bank board and volunteers want to express our gratitude to our community, individuals, schools, organizations, businesses and churches for your overwhelming generosity.

Observations on district’s use of force policy


The framework of a “use of force” policy continues to be shaped by trustees for Mountain View School District 244. The outcome is inevitable: A policy will be formed, no question about it. But the form it will take is still shadowy at best at this point. Two things we’ve observed through this process, now more than a year in the works.

Fix health insurance marketplace

Guest Opinion

Word on the street: Some Idaho lawmakers want more health insurance regulations after consumer complaints about new, exorbitant out-of-network costs and the failure of some companies to pay claims. A real solution: Legislators in Idaho and elsewhere should remove insurance regulatory hurdles, including coverage mandates and market barriers.

Idahoans leading in volunteer service

Guest Opinion

The quiet service and giving spirit of Idahoans are among the many blessings I am counting this holiday season. A recently released study from the Corporation for Community and National Service (CNCS) further confirmed the prevalent service in Idaho communities concluding that Idaho ranks fifth in the nation for volunteer service.

Reason for the Season: The Christmas Story

With Christmas this Sunday, we run a holiday standard from the Bible (NIV), Luke 2, on the reason for the season:

Why I want a ‘perfect’ Christmas

Guest Opinion

I pretty much lived an idyllic childhood. Every holiday, every milestone, every event was special. I have to be careful, as an adult, that I don’t let my childhood ruin Christmas for me.

No veteran should face homelessness

Guest Opinion

No veteran who has served our nation should return home to face homelessness, but yet it is happening. Based on statistics from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reports there were 49,933 homeless veterans on a single night in January 2014.

Love this town; always a feeling of good will

Letter to the Editor

I would like to thank the gentleman who helped me get my car out of the parking lot at Calvary the evening of Dec. 15.

Our life doesn’t belong to ourselves, to do with what we want

Letter to the Editor

In regard to the full-page ad on the last page, in section A, of the Dec. 14 Free Press entitled, “No matter what, Never Give Up, keep going.” Though we may tell ourselves differently, our life does not belong to ourselves to do with it whatever we want to do—up to, and including, the extreme step of ending our life.