A year later, legislature writing body cam video — accountability — into law


This month, there’s a bill that would enshrine law enforcement video — dashcam video and body camera video — in public records law. If it becomes law, this bill would hold county law enforcement videos to different standards than a county’s paper records.

Hospitality shelter needs your help During the recent road closures, we ended up with many travelers stranded in town. The city opened the community hall in order to provide for a safe, warm place for

Guest Opinion

During the recent road closures, we ended up with many travelers stranded in town. The city opened the community hall in order to provide for a safe, warm place for people to go. From that we have established a Hospitality Shelter Plan, knowing that there is a very real likelihood it will happen in the future.

Public education forum nicely done

Letter to the Editor

Idaho County Democrats: Kudos for sponsoring the public education forum. It was nicely done with a moderator, three district superintendents and refreshments; attendance was great, sad we don’t see same turnout at school board meetings.

Festival of Hearts a wonderful event

Letter to the Editor

For those who didn’t attend, you missed a special evening. Our next year’s calendar will include the Festival of Hearts. Many thanks to the committee and all the volunteers who made this happen.

You can see MVSD 244 financials online

Letter to the Editor

To address Mr. Seloske’s letter in last week’s Free Press, Mountain View School District’s complete financials are available on the district’s website [http://sd244.org].

School funding issue not that simple

Letter to the Editor

The real potential crisis for Idaho County is if SRS funds are not reauthorized by Congress. I think every day about how we are going to make up for a $7 million hole for the schools and roads in this county without breaking the backs of the taxpayer.

What’s your problem with Democrats?

Letter to the Editor

What exactly is your problem with Democrats, Jim? How is your letter anything but divisive?

Serving as trustee a rewarding opportunity

Letter to the Editor

Personally, having served as SHD trustee for the better part of six years, I recommend the experience as a unique and rewarding opportunity to support the hospital and surrounding communities within the hospital district.

Right to Life working on consent legislation

Letter to the Editor

This protective legislation will require that a woman be informed that the chemical abortion can potentially be reversed in order to save her baby if she changes her mind after taking it.

Many helped with book signing event

Letter to the Editor

My book, “Taming the Meadows,” has brought me pleasure in many ways. I would like to thank everyone who helped on suggestions or construction in any way.

Constitutional amendment for term limits? Whoa, not so fast


Are congressional term limits an idea whose time has come? Whoa, not so fast. President Donald Trump rode into the White House on the wave of that public sentiment voicing “It’s time for a change.” Now, looking to strike while the iron is hot, Idaho’s Rep. Raul Labrador is introducing a term limits constitutional amendment for congressional members.

Draining swamp demands term limits

Guest Opinion

To restore constitutional balance, we must bring the career politicians home and replace them with patriots ready to make the hard choices necessary for prudent governance. That is why I have introduced a term limits constitutional amendment, H.J. Res. 50, restricting service in Congress to six two-year terms in the House and two six-year terms in the Senate. The resolution has 12 original co-sponsors.

Right of demonstration not to incite violence

Political Broad (summary)

On Dec. 30, 2016, I traveled to the Grangeville Centennial Library for a little research. I found a large, three-dimensional display marking the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights. Then began Political Broad, a blog where once every two weeks I take a peek at the functions of government. To get readers up to speed, I have focused the past three blog posts on the Bill of Rights.

Consider offering skill on hospital board

Letter to the Editor

Have you considered how important Syringa Hospital, the clinic, the medical staff and emergency service unit are to this town, and to you and me personally? So often we take things for granted and just assume they will manage themselves and be there for us in our time of need. This spring we have an opportunity to have input and to be involved in how this critical facility operates. In May, we will be electing our hospital board of trustees.

Your party owns the rhetoric, division

Letter to the Editor

In response to Rep. Erpelding’s opinion [Feb. 8 issue] I have a few points for the people to ponder. When it comes to education why don’t the Democrats and Rep. Erpelding support school choice and the right of parents to choose?