Transparency — keeping meeting open — good move by hospital board


Syringa Hospital’s board of trustees is not only looking to the future sustainability of the hospital and clinics it represents, but they are also concerned with those they represent in other tangible, meaningful ways.

Wildfire season becomes a misnomer

Guest Opinion

In the past, warm spring weather touched off the start of the worst wildfires. Now, unfortunately one fire season essentially runs into the next.

Restrictions at park against intended use

Letter to the Editor

For several years a group of Kooskia, Kamiah and surrounding area residents have been playing volleyball at the Kooskia City Park. We gather twice a week for family style grass volleyball and community fellowship. In 2015 when we arrived at the park we found signs posted saying “no playing volleyball on the grass.” We moved to the Kamiah Park until we could talk to the city council.

Kooskia Park is everyone’s property

Letter to the Editor

To whom do the city parks belong? The community? They are maintained using state, federal and local taxes. “Land set aside for the use of the public” (Merriam-Webster). For 10 years I, along with family and friends, use the Kooskia Park for just that reason twice a week in the summer. We play volleyball along with some other activities and enjoy the safe swimming there. We frequent the business for snacks, lunch/dinner, gas and coffee. Last fall we were informed volleyball nets were no longer welcome at Kooskia Park....

Graffiti on grade needs to be removed

Letter to the Editor

These graffiti need to be removed. It is proven that once it starts it will continue to spread because the “doers” of this graffiti think they can get away with more and more. It is time to put a stop to this and clean up what has already been done.

Company in town why Border Days a success

Letter to the Editor

Without the many volunteers and the countless hours Border Days won’t exist. The excuse that one has company in town is folly, because most all of us have company in town, and that is another reason Border Days is successful. Some of the volunteers during Border Days are visitors to town, so step up to the plate and volunteer to join a group or organization.

Thanks for rally help

Letter of Thanks

Animal Ark would like to publicly express our thanks and appreciation to Southfork River Ranch and to all the folks from around the Northwest who participated in their annual motorcycle Poker Run Rally.

Ideas I battle for are based in truth

In Rebuttal

Well, it’s been five weeks since the election and based on the amount of press, and e-mail comments from the left, I must be winning. The ideas I battle for are based in the truth and they ring faithful to the blessing of our liberties and freedoms. That we are endowed with certain inalienable rights and governments are instituted among men to secure the blessings of these liberties, not abridge them.

Idaho knows how to manage lands for outdoor recreational activities

Guest Opinion

Outdoor recreational activities — hiking, mountain biking, hunting, skiing, fishing — are a way of life for many Idahoans. However, as the state population has increased, a decline in access to federally managed public lands has occurred, especially for recreational purposes. This is true throughout the West.

Crop signs are very much appreciated

Letter to the Editor

Seeing the crop identification signs along Highway 95 from Winchester to Grangeville is such a pleasure.

USFS letting road deteriorate to Whitewater Ranch

Letter to the Editor

Apparently the good-old USFS is letting the road to Whitewater Ranch on the Salmon River knowingly deteriorate to the point that it is almost, or it is by now, impossible to use even in a four-wheel pickup.

Voters rejected Chmelik for his style


If you’ve asked the people you know who voted why they think Idaho County Commissioner Jim Chmelik lost, they’ve probably already told you what they’ve been telling us: Mainly, they just don’t like his style.

Enjoy festivals? Volunteers drive events; say thanks, step up, serve

Guest Opinion

Enjoy festivals? Volunteers drive events; say thanks, step up, serve Enjoy community events and festivals? You’ve got your pick, starting this weekend with White Bird Days and Rodeo, and the CVRA rodeo. Should be lots of fun. And volunteers are running the whole show at these events, by the way.

Senators work to improve forest management, wildfire budgeting

Guest Opinion

Late last month, U.S. Sens. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, Jim Risch, R-Idaho, Ron Wyden, D-Ore., Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash,, released draft legislation aimed at improving forest management and wildfire budgeting. The bipartisan discussion draft reflects the work of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to examine and find solutions for these issues over the past two congresses. The bill uses a cap adjustment to end the practice of fire borrowing similar to the bipartisan Wildfire Disaster Funding Act, which Wyden and Crapo first introduced in 2013.

Old Glory isn’t clothing... and other thoughts about Flag Day June 14


As commemorations go, Flag Day is one of the oldest, and it’s a good time for not just patriotism but also action. Flag Day (June 14) commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on that day in 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. The week is designated National Flag Week, during which citizens are encouraged to fly the American flag.