Mental health a serious local issue; help available for us, family, community


Let’s not bury our heads in the sand, but rather participate with open minds with something that doesn’t just affect someone else – mental health issues do exist in our own family and friend circles.

Frei: three items show his leadership skills

Letter to the Editor

Mark Frei is a young fellow just getting started in serving Idaho County as county commissioner. He is a thinker.

Easy choice; anyone but Curt McKenzie

Letter to the Editor

I’d like to thank Senator Nuxoll for making my choice for Idaho Supreme Court Justice an easy one.

Chmelik, Frei: Have done outstanding job

Letter to the Editor

Jim Chmelik and Mark Frei, our incumbent commissioners, have done an outstanding job for Idaho County.

Nuxoll: willingness to do what is right

Letter to the Editor

Idaho County is incredibly fortunate to have Sheryl Nuxoll as our state senator in Boise. She has continually proven herself by actively promoting the principles of Idaho County residents with her actions in Boise.

Commissioners worked to keep county whole

Letter to the Editor

Our current county commissioners have worked to keep Idaho County whole.

Frei: great job of working for us

Letter to the Editor

Mark has done a great job of working for us. Mark has worked on many issues for our county - not just one

Giddings, Shepherd get his support

Letter to the Editor

Sheriff Doug Giddings has built and managed just possibly the best organized and efficient sheriff’s department in the state

Strong: unbiased voice to join supreme court

Letter to the Editor

Each of us was elected as Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. One of us is a Republican the other is a Democrat. And in the May election, both of us support Clive Strong as Idaho’s new Supreme Court Justice.

Giddings: dedicated, focused, committed

Letter to the Editor

Idaho needs this patriotic woman working to represent all of us defending our rights and our way of life. Idaho needs Priscilla Giddings.

Mental health issues impact each of us; Training, education opportunities start locally May 9

Guest Opinion

Mental health issues impact each of us. Whether you are struggling with these challenges personally, within your family, or simply want to support others in your community, I would like to strongly encourage you to take advantage of at least one of these opportunities.

Candidate forum format needs to change


Is the candidate forum as we know it dead? Is public interest at such a low? Or is the tried and true method of finding more out about candidates in a public setting as relevant as a VHS player?

Giddings: Will fight for conservative values

Letter to the Editor

She is one tough cookie —and one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Defeat Bernie, Hillary: avowed socialists

Letter to the Editor

I, like R.G. Schultze, remember the Clintons [April 20 issue]. But, unlike Mr. Schultze, I remember those years as a bad time for America. Budget surplus? No, a major deficit. Bankruptcy was at an all-time high.

Crabtree: will address key issues of Dist. 7

Letter to the Editor

In less than three weeks, those that live in Idaho County have a chance to make a real difference by electing a state senator for District 7 who has integrity, foresight, experience and common sense – Carl Crabtree.