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Border Days 2015: Tips to get you through it

Whew! Hot enough for ya? What a way to start off the week going into Border Days.

Forest collaboration needs federal support to be model of the future

There’s growing consensus that something must be done on federal lands to improve the health of our forests and rural communities. To that end, collaboration is commonly touted as the model for resolving controversial issues in federal forest management.

Protecting free speech includes the unpopular

Letter: Tom Reilly, Mt. Idaho

The PC crowd (most of the political left and now some on the right) are fond of applying what I refer to as “selective outrage.” The target of their scorn is based upon personal biases and political winds

Appreciate hard work by Kids Klub crew

Letter: Mike, Pam & Tate Johnson, Grangeville

A big shout out and many thanks to Kristi, Cindy and all of the Kids Klub crew through the years for providing a place for Tate to be after school.

Collectively we can quell trashy trend

The Lewiston-Clarkston area isn’t the only place with slob recreationists and dirty sands of beaches.

Would the real threat please stand up?

The Lewiston Tribune featured an article on June 17 concerning a big rock on Salmon River that weighs 420,000 pounds and might dislodge, roll down, and cause harm to roads, bridges, etc., below.

Why removing the old Manning Bridge?

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

I saw in a recent issue of the Idaho County Free press where the U.S.F.S. was going to replace the Manning Bridge, which is located up the Salmon River upstream from Riggins, and was constructed in 1924 and is still being used daily.

Environmentalists court pyhrric victory

History advises against fighting battles that can be won only by self-destruction, but a fight now under way in a federal court is exactly that kind of fight.

Rerouting of pension bill won’t fly with Idaho taxpayers

Last legislative session, a bill suddenly disappeared from radar, and only now do we know why: It had the potential to impact the retirements of people serving in the state Senate.

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No man's land


Thinking on Father’s Day? Best gift is your time

Dads come into the spotlight this Sunday as we commemorate Father’s Day.

Gov. Otter’s flip-flop on medical marijuana hurts Idaho’s kids

Here’s a study in contrasts and contradictions: Nine years ago, Republican Butch Otter proclaimed his support for medical marijuana. Yet this year, he vetoed a bill that would have let parents give their sick kids a treatment using an oil derived from marijuana plants.

Defending principle despite the duress

Letter: Chad Erickson, Kamiah

In the first of this month, an issue of the U.S. Observer, which contained a front page article disparaging our firm, was apparently distributed to every mailbox in Idaho County.

Father’s Day: Encourage focus on men’s health

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the official awareness period of Men’s Health Week, which is June 15-19 — the week of Father’s Day.