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Rep. Labrador’s renewed efforts good; need to be more inclusive

Good effort by Congressman Raul Labrador who remains persistent on his proposal to allow state and local management of federally managed forests.

Helipad decision: Where we go from here

The Syringa Hospital Board is disappointed that our request for a conditional use permit for a helipad across Main Street from the hospital has been rejected by the City of Grangeville.

Restoring forest health, jobs

As many of us in Idaho know firsthand, poor management of our national forests has devastated forest health and rural economies.

Reasons for failure of Kamiah schools levy

Letter: Carol Asher, Kamiah

A response to Superintendent Fred Mercer (and the Kamiah School Board): Although I voted no on last week’s school levy measure, I do feel (believe it or not) some genuine empathy for its proponents — considering their expressed needs, and how hard they had worked, hoping it would pass.

Attorney Anderson a working-class advocate

Letter: Ford Elsaesser attorney at law, Sandpoint

Grangeville and North Central Idaho lost one of its true gems with the passing of Ken Anderson.

Letter of thanks: Community helped to serve local food bank

The Grangeville Post Office would like to thank the community for helping us deliver more than 1,300 pounds of food to our local food bank.

On EMT week: Helping people on worst day in life

It has started to happen! EMT shortages are occurring throughout most rural communities in Idaho and across the nation. Opinion

Take a bullet


Freedom a wealth no debt can encumber

Editor’s preface: Of our many holidays, Memorial Day is a standout for encouraging remembrance of those who died while serving in the U.S. armed forces.

Idahoans fed up with dishonest distractions

The “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up” Caucus is scrambling to justify the blunder that threatened $205 million in child support for Idaho kids.

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Making a difference: Committed citizens can change a county

You’ve heard the quote before. In fact, we’ve printed Margaret Mead’s words of wisdom here on this very page in the past:

May is Mental Health Awareness: Learn how to recognize signs, help

Everyone knows that if you have a sore throat or aching back, you go to the doctor to find out what’s wrong and to seek treatment that will lead to a quick recovery.

No-brainer: Helipad a totally bad idea

Letter: C.M. “Chuck” Vogelsong, Riggins

I can’t believe that the helipad issue is anything but a “no brainer.” While virtually everybody would like to accommodate Syringa Hospital, there are limits that reasonable people must respect.