Volunteers make ‘Casting’ event a success

In a world where political disagreements, shootings and general mayhem seem to be everyday occurrences, it’s often easy to overlook the good people do.

Maine expands gun rights while Idaho lawmakers balk

Idaho lawmakers should take note of what just happened in Maine. Gov. Paul LePage signed a bill that will let Mainers carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

Hot and bothered about nature being nature

Spotted Owls are sluts. Polar bears, not so much. There is probably no good explanation why anybody would spend money to buy a newspaper to learn such drivel. But we are sure glad you did. And keep it up. Despite what all those self-help gurus claim, some habits -- like buying newspapers -- are good.

Community hall an essential public gathering center

Rural communities are needy: needing jobs, needing access to services (social, health), needing a healthy retail district, needing a crime-free environment.

Work to improve veterans services

Throughout my travels across Idaho, I have heard loud and clear the frustration many veterans feel while trying to access the services they deserve.

Idaho had highest increase of any state in nation

Leader in raising taxes, hurting families

If you’re angry about Idaho’s new, higher fuel taxes, here’s a reason to be a tad angrier: The start of a new month brought gas tax increases to six states.

Problems with schools go way beyond funds

Letter: Carol Asher, Kamiah

I realize that what more I’m about to say here regarding the ongoing school funding debate isn’t going to change a thing, but I’d like to say it, nonetheless.

More than levy at issue in Kamiah School District

It’s an interesting case of déjà vu as we look across the fence to our neighbors in Kamiah as they struggle across the issue of school funding; specifically, the merits of passing a $325,000 supplemental maintenance and operations levy.

Doing better as land stewards

Idahoans know firsthand wildfire’s devastation. The most recent example is the Cape Horn Fire near the resort town of Bayview on Lake Pend Oreille. Hundreds of residents were evacuated last week and six homes destroyed.

Gay marriage legal but can’t change fact...

Letter: Betty Alm

I and three other women from Grangeville have just returned from a Missouri Lutheran Women’s Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. I want to share the closing remarks of one of the key speakers, Dr. James Lamb, executive director of Lutherans for Life.

Confused on USFS letting some fires burn

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

As usual, I am confused as to what the U.S.F.S. was doing when it announced in the 1990s to let some fires burn if they were not threatening private property, because they wanted to put fire back into the management of our forest, especially in the wilderness.

Clearing smoke on fire, public lands

I was wondering who appointed the East Coast environmental cartels the kings of our lands. I believe local people care more about the true health of our forests and will do a better job of managing them because clean water and air and access and jobs matter to our families. So let’s clear up the smoke around wildfire and our public lands.

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TPA passage vital to Idaho agriculture

U.S. agriculture took a big step forward with the U.S. Senate’s bipartisan passage of Trade Promotion Authority.

You are important part of the community equation

The week following Border Days is a good time to think about what community organizations we support and thank those who are members of those groups.