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Support student innovation and curiosity

The teenage years are perhaps the most important time for students to develop their individual skills and interests. It is one of the greatest times for character development that begins to turn teenagers into adults.

Idahoans value honesty; state GOP leaders don’t

Idaho’s Republican Party Chair has told Idaho that he thinks plagiarism is no big deal: Mr. Yates’ words upon hearing that a Republican politician plagiarized, “This is plain vanilla prose.

Bureau collecting massive amounts of your personal financial information

Not a day goes by without news reports on how large corporate entities and the government are collecting ever-increasing amounts of personal information about us.

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Unclear why no season on lower Salmon River

Letter: Dan Coburn Cottonwood

A hope and a prayer? Biggest salmon run since 1939? Letting the folks on the Snake have six fish per day? Great.

USFS destroying forest, economy

Letter: Leonard Wallace New Meadows

Whatever happened to forest management? In the ‘60s, you could see a long way in the forest, now you are lucky if you can see 100 feet. In the ‘60s we were logging the old growth, the economy was strong, and jobs were plentiful.

Weathermen are wrong because they aren’t locals

I read this article in this small local paper about this person talking about how those who forecast the weather are never right.

HJR 2: vote yes: Confirms, shields legislature’s authority to approve, reject rules

On Nov. 4, Idaho voters will have an extraordinary opportunity. You will be asked to vote on a constitutional amendment proposed by the 2014 Idaho Legislature and approved by both the House and the Senate without a single dissenting vote.

No easy answers to address motorcycle fatalities

Usually in this spot we’re calling your attention to an issue and yapping about what we’d do to make the world a better place if we were named kings for a day.

Cold cases: why they matter

You would hope that someone has not forgotten, that someone is searching for answers, that justice is being sought.

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Look past falling timber; focus on the positive

We’ve all heard that change is good. At least we can agree it’s inevitable, right?

Many reasons to support local lands control

Letter: Carol Asher

I would like to both commend and encourage all Idaho state, county and local officials who are spearheading the move to win back managing control over federally owned public lands within our state.

Something needs done on road by district, county

Letter: Douglas A. Winter

An open letter to the Keuterville Highway District and the Idaho County Commissioners.

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