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Recalled: Labor Day


Wildfire study grant wasted to reinvent wheel

What if we told you we’re planning to study the concept of a simple machine that has the potential to revolutionize how we travel and transport items?

GROW healthy kids, communities

Look out across any school playground in your community and notice a harsh reality: about one out of every three children is overweight or obese.

Social Security’s gun grab must stop

The administration is stepping up efforts to restrict Second Amendment rights.

USFS ‘let burn’ policy is for the birds

Letter: Scott Sprute ex-Forest Service employee Grangeville

I believe the federal government is extremely top heavy.

Lacking to put fires out is common sense

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

Starting on Aug. 19 all I heard on the news was how bad the air was from the forest fires...

Many worked hard to ensure public safety

Letter of thanks:The Finney family, Woodland

Thank you to all the firefighters and civilians who worked hard to ensure the safety of friends and family in Woodland. God bless you all.

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Summer is over


Leaner, uncertain budgets need benefit of your experience on city council

Your experience and insight is critical to the service of your community. And we’re asking you to challenge yourself, step up and serve on your city council.

Education moving in right direction

Students all over Idaho are returning to classrooms with high expectations for the new school year. Our job as educators, parents, policymakers and citizens is to ensure they have high-quality opportunities to pursue and support to succeed.

Something to gain on public lands transfer?

Letter: Dick Artley, Grangeville

On March 6, 2015, Idaho County Commissioner Jim Chmelik created a new corporation, the Western Landmark Foundation, dedicated to transferring federal public lands to the state of Idaho.

IRU policies led to catastrophic wildfires

Letter: Jim Chmelik, Idaho County Comissioner

Thank you Idaho Rivers United and organizations like yours for protecting our environment and our way of life. Thank you all for suing the Forest Service and the BLM and creating the conditions on our national forest and rangelands that allow for catastrophic wildfires.

Social media proved its worth, value during fire

What a difference a decade makes.

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Compassion in action demonstrated throughout fire crisis at Kamiah

By the time I arrived at a viewing area on No Kid Lane in Kamiah, around 7:15 p.m. last Friday, Aug. 14, the fires were sporadically bursting up trees and could be seen moving across patches of dry grass along the hillside headed toward Woodland Road.