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Peer pressure can help steer youth from drugs


Peer pressure can be a good thing. You heard us right. Peer pressure can be a good thing. Maybe we should call it “peer encouragement.” Whatever the label, it can work in positive ways.

Shooting incident made worse due to failures in public disclosure

Neighboring Adams County has a nightmare on its hands that reverberates throughout our region, and rightly so.

Tobacco tax proposal a short-term, lazy fix


Who isn’t for making an Idaho college education more affordable? And if you do that by bumping up the price of a pack of smokes, who’s to care? After all, it’s a dirty habit, it’s bad for your health and, well, who likes those smokers anyway. Right?

Veterans need thanks through understanding

Honoring our veterans isn’t a problem around Idaho County -- recognizing their service and duty, and in living our lives to honor their daily gift of freedom. But as important, we need to find a way to show that sentiment in a practical way.

End of October scary time for politics, Halloween

What could be scarier than Halloween? How about politics!

Proposed ban on helicopter, helipad backward step for care

Helicopter activity within the Grangeville city limits: The issue returns again, and this time the move is to prohibit it. This would be a step backward for regional health care and safety awareness.

Scribner, Tucker: epitome of working board members

All too often nowadays there are those who want glory for the sake of looking good and are not willing to put in any elbow grease. That is definitely not the case for Grangeville’s Judy Scribner and Kooskia’s Dick Tucker.

Enhance community accountability for stalking; afford protection

Makeala Zabel-Gravvatt, a Boise resident, was recently shot in the backyard of her home by Christopher Wirfs, who had been stalking her over the last few months. This particular incident calls attention to the overlooked and underreported crime of stalking and highlights the critical program and policy changes needed to enhance the safety of individuals who experience stalking.

Join up or form up; who else will otherwise?

Join up or form up.

Reminder on election letters to editor

Just a quick reminder: After this issue you have just four weeks to write letters prior to the Nov. 3 elections.

The Skunk Chronicles

You know when something happens and it has some humor but you can’t quite laugh about it yet? We had one of those moments Monday night, Sept. 14.

Fighting drug problem starts in your bathroom

Fighting the drug abuse problem starts in your own bathroom.

Pocketing cell phones for the sake of education

Many educators believe mobile education is the next big thing, but the reality of students using their phones for educational purposes remain a roadblock for administrators and technology coordinators.

‘Farcing’ an online threat from false friend

Beware of strangers: That’s good advice for any age, especially for adults who are into social media. And if you’ve been on sites such as Facebook long enough, chances are you’ve run into your share of strangers, some of who may have been scammers looking to friend you and steal your identity.

Wildfire study grant wasted to reinvent wheel

What if we told you we’re planning to study the concept of a simple machine that has the potential to revolutionize how we travel and transport items?