Guest Commentary


Nation shows clear need for comprehensive tax reform

One of my top priorities in the new Congress remains reforming our nation’s overly burdensome tax code as part of creating a competitive, national economy that encourages innovation and job growth.

Congressional, presidential squatters?

Endowment sections in Western states are not producing adequate funding for local education.

More mandates cost us all

Just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas the Obama administration dumped about 3,600 new rules and regulations on the American public that will likely cost business, industry, stats and communities hundreds of millions of dollars to be in compliance. Two that have substantial cost attached and also has the potential to affect Idaho water rights suggest closer attention.

The gift of good mental health

With the 2014 holiday season right around the corner, many of us are busy perfecting recipes, preparing for guests, and searching for the ideal gifts for family and friends. For many Idahoans, the holiday season is a time of renewing cherished traditions and creating special memories with loved ones. For others, keeping up with the hectic pace of social gatherings, shopping, family, and work obligations can place a serious strain on their mental health and well-being, leaving them feeling worn down and overwhelmed.

Keeping EPA out of your pockets

As if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) overreach is not bad enough, the agency is trying to more directly reach into the pockets of Americans. Enough is enough. These oppressive tactics must be stopped.

Responsibility of governing

The American people sent a message Nov. 4, putting Republicans in control of the Senate and boosting our majority in the House. Now, it is our job to show that we can govern so we can restore the shaken confidence of our constituents and put the greatest country in the world on the right track.

America recycles … and so do Idaho County residents

Brrr! With the arrival of wintry weather, fleece jackets and gloves are a popular apparel choice.

Medicaid transformation in Idaho: finding solutions fitting our needs

Fundamental changes are happening in our health care system. Idaho hospitals are striving to attain better health and better care at lower cost, which will benefit all Idahoans.

Better conversation about children’s mental health

For the past 16 years, my husband and I have interacted with numerous child-serving systems as both professionals and consumers…. medical, education, foster care and adoption. So when our family was thrust into the midst of the Idaho mental health system three years ago, we thought we were prepared to navigate the challenging waters that lay ahead. But no amount of experience could have equipped us for our journey through a fragmented and, often, dysfunctional system.

Opportunity to change dynamic of business as usual

Lochsa Land Exchange

Sadly, in politics today we too often focus on efforts to disagree rather than engaging in the arenas of ideas to seek solutions to the challenges we face. It is in this arena where visions can be set forth and new horizons can be conquered together.

Clarifying issues on Forest Plans

I would like to thank Mr. Haverstick of Friends of the Clearwater for his opinion piece shared with many northern Idaho newspapers, including last week’s Idaho Free Press.

Proposed Forest Plan fails to protect Clearwater basin

The Clearwater Basin of North-Central Idaho is part of the Big Wild, the best remaining intact ecosystem in the lower 48.

Bureau collecting massive amounts of your personal financial information

Not a day goes by without news reports on how large corporate entities and the government are collecting ever-increasing amounts of personal information about us.

HJR 2: vote yes: Confirms, shields legislature’s authority to approve, reject rules

On Nov. 4, Idaho voters will have an extraordinary opportunity. You will be asked to vote on a constitutional amendment proposed by the 2014 Idaho Legislature and approved by both the House and the Senate without a single dissenting vote.

Losing access, control of ‘our’ public lands Incrementally being shut out

Americans, and especially Idahoans, love and cherish public lands. We take it for granted that they will always be there for us to enjoy. Unfortunately, we all are incrementally being shut out of “our” public lands by the federal “managers.”