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Price lock way to secure IFG funding

Guest Opinion

Your license dollars are critical both to daily wildlife management, and in the legacy of wildlife conservation that started in Idaho more than 75 years ago.

New thinking on old tech for secure future

Guest Opinion

By encouraging this research, we are working to ensure the U.S. never faces a day when our reliance on highly networked technology leaves us vulnerable to attack.

Idaho must rethink cannabis laws

Guest Opinion

Idaho lawmakers should revisit the state’s marijuana laws. Idaho is already surrounded by states that allow cannabis use in one form or other

Beware those scamming on caring

Guest Opinion

Folks in this area genuinely care, and want to help. But, oftentimes that is our downfall as well.

Resolve early to improve health

Guest Opinion

If you are like me and looking for another way to better your health—New Year’s resolution or otherwise—here are a few places to start:

Idaho fighting wildfires through partnerships

Guest Opinion

Diverse interests are working together in unprecedented ways in Idaho to improve the health and resiliency of our lands. Our goal, in part, is to reduce large wildfires that cost taxpayers millions of dollars to suppress, damage wildlife habitat, pump millions of tons of carbon into the air, pile sediment into our waterways, hurt our economy, and harm the health of our citizens.

Cutting red tape to improve vet care

Guest Opinion

Idaho veterans and their family members have made it clear that the Veterans Choice Program (Choice program), created to make it easier for veterans to get health care, does not work for Idahoans.

Idaho’s Constitution Doesn’t Need HJR 5

Guest Opinion

HJR 5 ignores the will of the people as expressed just two years ago. More importantly, HJR 5 threatens to permanently invade the Executive and Judicial Branches of Idaho’s government, disrupting the balance and separation of powers contemplated by Idaho’s founders.

HJR 5 allows Legislature to keep killing bad regulations

Guest Opinion

Other states envy Idaho’s unique regulatory review process. Idaho’s regulatory review process has spared businesses unnecessary expense and requirements. It has stopped agencies from creating new hassles and hardships for taxpayers. It will continue to do so if HJR 5 wins approval of voters Nov. 8.

Hold Your State Government Accountable, Vote Yes on HJR 5

Guest Opinion

By voting “Yes” on HJR 5, you will be securing the ability to hold politicians accountable, protect Idahoans from excessive regulations, ensure your voice is heard and hold our state government accountable to the people it serves.

Bill critical in maintaining balance of powers

Election 2016: Vote to decide constitutional amendment

This year, voters need to understand the significance of this new proposal and vote in favor of it. I believe this bill is critical in maintaining the balance of powers in our form of government.

Amendment to Idaho Constitution is unnecessary

Election 2016: Vote to decide constitutional amendment

The legislature’s role in approving administrative rules is already protected in Statute (67-52). An amendment to the Constitution is unnecessary when the Idaho Legislature is already able to review and approve proposed changes to Rule.

Idaho’s healthcare system for poor is unconscionable, does crummy job

Guest Opinion

Republican Rep. Fred Wood, chairman of the Idaho House Health and Welfare Committee, recently said something that deserves further exploration. He told a legislative committee, “It is difficult for me to see how we can go forward having two healthcare systems in the state — one for poor people and one for everyone else, with different benefits. We can’t do that. That’s simply unconscionable.”

Boojie? Fleek? Rickroll?

Evolution of words, phrases quite interesting, descriptive

As we start the school year, I thought it would be a good time to give a little overview on some recent additions to the Merriam Webster Dictionary (as well as other on-line dictionaries). Recent as in the past three years. The evolution of words and phrases is quite interesting. Don’t ask for fry sauce in some Eastern states – they don’t know what you mean and they might hand you a container of gravy or cheese. Soda is said instead of pop and it’s pocketbook instead of purse.

Opening new markets for U.S. ag; Agriculture exports support 24,000 jobs in Idaho

Guest Opinion

If you’re looking for a growth industry, check out Idaho’s food and agricultural exports: The number of jobs supported by agricultural exports has been trending upward since the 1990s.