Letters to the Editor


Changing forced annexations

Letter: Ken Harvey Orofino

Idaho, Tennessee and Indiana are the last three states that allow forced annexations.

Isn’t it time to raise state minimum wage?

Letter: Darcy James Boise

We have just been through a season of generosity. Many of us stretched our Christmas budgets to buy toys for needy children, festive foods for struggling families, coats for the homeless, and so on. And we were happy to do so.

Hospital: good care, but still are issues

Letter: Glen Scott Swearingen Kooskia

Syringa Hospital delivers professional care. Caring, “everybody knows your name” care. Unfortunately, my family uses their services regularly. We appreciate them. Still, there are issues.

Kinds of things that belong on front page

Letter: Carol Yalbuw Grangeville

Thank you so much for the wonderful and professional front page of your Jan. 14 issue of the Free Press. There is not one picture or story of a criminal (They’re our heroes?) or of a suspected (but thus immortalized as guilty) criminal.

Donors, volunteers helped blood drive

Letter of thanks: Kim Peterson Blood drive chairperson

I would like to thank everyone who donated blood or volunteered at the American Red Cross Blood Drive on Jan. 8. Special thanks go out to Anne and Dave Fraser and Ace Home Center for donating the use of portable heaters and the Trinity Lutheran Church and Gamma Beta Sorority for providing the delicious cookies.

Hudson campaign was well-run

Letter: Debra Alm

I would like to congratulate Abbie Hudson on a campaign well run, now that she is officially our Idaho County Treasurer.

Solid waste bill doesn’t add up

Letter: Mike S. Johnson

I am thoroughly impressed with the deal our astute and trustworthy county commissioners gave to the 118 county properties who haven’t paid a garbage bill since 1987.

No hope in D.C. of representation

Letter: Richard L. Stephens

By voting to continue the same old big government freedom-swallowing policies of the Boehner/GOP leadership, you personally and expressly violated the mandate and purpose given you by the voters this last November.

Who are you calling a wimp?

Letter: Jim Holsinger

In response to Al Bolden’s letter of Jan. 7.

Some won’t be forgiven (Response to Mr. Holsinger [Dec. 31 issue])

Al Bolden, White Bird

Mr. Holsinger, I feel fully chastised by your letter last week.

Something more sinister at work

Letter: Jmes Lawyer

A recent federal court ruling stated “... it does not matter if a thing is called a tax or a fee ... a state cannot collect either ... from an Indian ....”

Touching to see Christmas miracle

Letters of thanks: Linda Bear and Tara Nida

What an awesome and generous community we live in!

Blessed to have GHR right here

Letter: Richard (Dickie, Dick) Hooper

Yes, we are truly blessed to have a facility like Grangeville Health and Rehabilitation in a central location where all the family members can visit their loved ones and also visit each other who are either friends or neighbors.

Not a fair way to charge for solid waste fees

Letter: John R. Gaither Grangeville

The Idaho County Board of Commissioners have said “bah humbug” to small ag land owners. All three Scrooges along with the county assessor (AKA the Grinch) have decided ag land owners must pay a “Part-Time Commercial” solid waste fee of $198.72 in addition to their residential fee of $198.72. Their rationale is: “if you own ag land you are a business and should pay for the solid waste that your land produces.” The three Scrooges said this is the only “fair” way to collect needed solid waste fees.

Duty not to condemn or judge them

Letter: Jim Holsinger Grangeville

In reply to the recent letter [Dec. 16] of Al Bolden, “ACLU attempts to interrupt joy.” Yes, it is true, Mr. Bolden, the ACLU and the atheists are continually making attempts not to allow the faith of others to be exhibited, as you say. But for me, I pray for those people that at least some of them will see the hatred, and hostility and bitterness in themselves, and will repent and come to see the real meaning of Christmas.