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Letters to the Editor


Something to gain on public lands transfer?

Letter: Dick Artley, Grangeville

On March 6, 2015, Idaho County Commissioner Jim Chmelik created a new corporation, the Western Landmark Foundation, dedicated to transferring federal public lands to the state of Idaho.

IRU policies led to catastrophic wildfires

Letter: Jim Chmelik, Idaho County Comissioner

Thank you Idaho Rivers United and organizations like yours for protecting our environment and our way of life. Thank you all for suing the Forest Service and the BLM and creating the conditions on our national forest and rangelands that allow for catastrophic wildfires.

Kamiah school board: give us accountability

Letter: Joinne Gordon, Kamiah

Lewis and Idaho County property taxpayers: How many of us receive those annoying telephone solicitations. Some of us have even received calls from a local group asking why we did not vote on the recent failed school levy “304.” Wonder where they got that list of names?

Why are you replacing old Manning Bridge?

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

In the Aug. 5 issue of the Idaho County Free Press was a front page article stating that the Manning Bridge project was going to start this fall as planned, and the old bridge would be removed ...

Consider other options to limit chemical use for weed eradication

Letter: Meryl Kastin Kooskia

One thing so obvious in our community is the number of people dedicated to community service.

Town, hospital should be proud of Dr. Told

Letter: T.H. Meyer Grangeville

Dr. Told – A man of compassion and giving of true care to his patients. Dr. Told holds his patients first over money.

Problems with schools go way beyond funds

Letter: Carol Asher, Kamiah

I realize that what more I’m about to say here regarding the ongoing school funding debate isn’t going to change a thing, but I’d like to say it, nonetheless.

Gay marriage legal but can’t change fact...

Letter: Betty Alm

I and three other women from Grangeville have just returned from a Missouri Lutheran Women’s Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. I want to share the closing remarks of one of the key speakers, Dr. James Lamb, executive director of Lutherans for Life.

Confused on USFS letting some fires burn

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

As usual, I am confused as to what the U.S.F.S. was doing when it announced in the 1990s to let some fires burn if they were not threatening private property, because they wanted to put fire back into the management of our forest, especially in the wilderness.

Many helped at Stites fire; encourage more to get involved

Letter: Lucky Brandt, Chief Stites Fire Department

On June 26 at 9:58 p.m. we received a call that the Southfork Cafe in Stites was on fire. I arrived a few minutes later and found the large building nearly totally engulfed.

Protecting free speech includes the unpopular

Letter: Tom Reilly, Mt. Idaho

The PC crowd (most of the political left and now some on the right) are fond of applying what I refer to as “selective outrage.” The target of their scorn is based upon personal biases and political winds

Appreciate hard work by Kids Klub crew

Letter: Mike, Pam & Tate Johnson, Grangeville

A big shout out and many thanks to Kristi, Cindy and all of the Kids Klub crew through the years for providing a place for Tate to be after school.

Collectively we can quell trashy trend

The Lewiston-Clarkston area isn’t the only place with slob recreationists and dirty sands of beaches.

Would the real threat please stand up?

The Lewiston Tribune featured an article on June 17 concerning a big rock on Salmon River that weighs 420,000 pounds and might dislodge, roll down, and cause harm to roads, bridges, etc., below.

Why removing the old Manning Bridge?

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

I saw in a recent issue of the Idaho County Free press where the U.S.F.S. was going to replace the Manning Bridge, which is located up the Salmon River upstream from Riggins, and was constructed in 1924 and is still being used daily.