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Letters to the Editor


EMT units need you to step up this fall

I’m sure that the residents of Kooskia and the outlying areas expect either the fire engine or the ambulance to show up at their front door when they call 911. Because some dedicated individuals volunteered their time and energy, this has not been a problem.

Petco Foundation helped pet owners affected by fire

Letter: Dori Dixon, Animal Ark

Animal Ark wants the Idaho County community to know the Petco Foundation provided financial aid as well as pet food and pet supplies to aid us in helping the pet owners whose pets were impacted and displaced by the fires in Kamiah and surrounding area.

Watch for Democrats at Halloween this year

A friend told me she is going trick-or-treating this year dressed as a Democrat. She’s going to steal half of the candy from the kids along the way and give it to the ones too lazy to come out.

Politically, we need a new way of thinking

Letter: Alfred Holden, White Bird

Political parties are a means of controlling the dialogue. It is about dividing constituents.

Large fires do more harm than good

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

In the Sept. 17 issue of the Star News was a viewpoint entitled “Fire is a part of nature not a demon.” Yes, a small fire of 100 acres or so would probably be beneficial to the forest and wildlife, but a fire of several thousand acres does more harm than good. But, by the same token, after a fire gets more than 10 acres in size the Forest Service, with their current fire suppression policy, has only two chances of putting the fire out, slim and none, without help from Mother Nature.

Crisis creates perceived threats

Letter: Alfred Holden

The paradigm of perpetual war for perpetual peace...

Idaho ranked 32 in ‘gun-friendly states’

Letter: Jack Mosher

Did you know that, when it comes to “gun-friendly states,” Idaho is ranked 32?

Clean up, manage to lessen likelihood of this happening again

Letter: Carol Asher, Kamiah

As many others have already done, I, too, wish to express my appreciation to all of the selfless firefighters...

Telling us animals more important than human life?

Letter: Erin Chmelik, Summit Academy, 8th grade

I disagree with Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts. I am very disappointed in my fellow man with respect to life, especially the most vulnerable and the most innocent person.

Declare forests abandoned; manage with sustained yield

Letter: Don Smith, Riggins

I have never heard of any plans to give publicly managed timberlands to timber companies to log, but it sounds like a good idea to investigate.

Burned, dead timber says it all

We may not be out of the woods yet, but lower temperatures and higher humidity will go a long way to help firefighters whip regional fires.

Gratitude trumps blame in fire issue

Letter to the Editor

With the very serious fire season we have experienced some folks, me included, are trying to determine who we should hold accountable for the intensity of the fires that have destroyed so much and harmed so many.

Deputy John Huston remembered

Letter to the Editor

Twenty-six years ago this month on Sept. 22, 1989, Deputy Sheriff John Huston was struck and killed by a drunk driver while operating a roadblock during a search for two escaped prisoners from the North Idaho Correctional Institution.

Face challenging times, period of disablement

Letter to the Editor

We have a crisis of church and state. Of the perception of authority and governance and the global shift from the analog world of agriculture and the industrial period to the high speed algorithmic programs whose strategies and systemic relations are based on digital mechanisms that increase the volatility we experience in all things that affect us.

How does public lands giveaway bring more money into Idaho?

Letter to the Editor

Many people would like to know how could giving our public lands, owned by the people, to private, large timber companies which mostly clear cut forests versus selective logging to bring in more bucks and more money to Idaho?