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Factors are many in healthcare crisis

Letter to the Editor

Healthcare crisis, rising costs and gross malfeasance are the result of demand outstripping supply while regulations distorted free market forces. Adverse selection bias created by Obama’s subsidies and exchanges allow the 20 million uninsured ‘free healthcare’ where increased demand caused premiums to soar.

Heartfelt thanks for support for ICARE

Letter to the Editor

A huge heartfelt thank you to all the people who live in our great Clearwater River communities and may/may not have contributed to the success of the ICARE project!

Opera house donations greatly appreciated

Letter to the Editor

With the support of our community members, we can again instill the joy of good entertainment into the lives of our youth, restore that spirit of unity we once shared, and have more fun developing talents.

On rumors: land not owned yet, promised

Letter to the Editor

There are some rumors floating around Grangeville regarding the property that the city might potentially be gifted.

Study backs facts on truth of vaccination

Letter to the Editor

This is in response to Teea Hillyard’s unresearched opinion [guest commentary, June 7 issue] that all kids should be vaccinated. It has never been done before. The first-of-its-kind study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American homeschooled children shows who is really ailing … and parents should be worried.

President Trump and ‘climate change’

Letter to the Editor

The narrative began decades ago when environmental groups penned “global warming”. Years later, they penned it “global cooling”.

Think about what we can accomplish if...

Letter to the Editor

There can be little doubt that ISIS is enjoying every minute of what the Democratic Party is doing to thwart the present administration’s efforts to “Make America Great Again.”

Global warming in regards to forest fires

Letter to the Editor

Now a wildfires smoke puts untold amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which stops when the fire goes out. But what about the carbon dioxide that was already there needed to grow the forest?

Letters to the Editor: May 31, 2017

[Regarding May 17 issue guest opinion: Reducing mental health stigma key to supporting healthy communities] “Advocacy For” is the positive use of language to achieve positive goals. It is measured by the frequency of positive affirmations, the infrequency of negatives. As simple as that seems, recognizing the positives and the negatives in a society which confuses the two is often difficult.

Proud, appreciative of community’s support

Letter to the Editor

The 2017 Grangeville High School graduating class and their parents want to thank you for your support in making the 2017 Alcohol and Drug Free Senior Fun Night Graduation Party a huge success.

Fortunate so many EMTs serve in Idaho County communities

Letter to the Editor

Idaho County is fortunate to have EMTs serving throughout the county, with ambulances in Grangeville, Cottonwood, Riggins, Elk City and Kooskia. Quick Response Units (QRU) are available in White Bird, Lowell, Powell, Clearwater, Tahoe and Glenwood/Caribel.

Appreciate Idaho County Free Press help

Letter to the Editor

On behalf of the board of directors of the Grangeville Country Club, I wish to express sincere thanks for the wonderful cooperation and ad donation by the ICFP to help advertise our June 10 club benefit. Specific mention goes to Sarah, Lisa and Judy.

Loss of opera house will change many lives

Letter to the Editor

Unless something happens very soon, a disaster is close to happening that will change not only our lives, but the lives of our children, grandchildren and many others who have come to cherish a unique piece of history. I speak of The Old Opera House in Kooskia.

Stand to lose much if unable to raise funds

Letter to the Editor

The Opera House Committee wishes to inform the community of the tragedy of possibly losing our historic theatre.

Election: Incumbents earned opportunity to build on contributions

Letter to the Editor

The incumbent board of trustee members have earned the opportunity to build on their contributions and to continue to support the employees, providers and management staff who provide exceptional care to the people of the hospital district.