Letters to the Editor


Perry: qualities that best serve citizens

Idaho County needs county commissioners who will focus on running the business of the county.

Zumalt: understands county, its needs

Zumalt! Whether you zoom or zumba to the polls, Jerry Zumalt is deserving of your vote for Idaho County Commissioner, Dist. 2.

Rec. Dist.: Vote yes for this opportunity

Did you know that White Bird has the opportunity to turn our school grounds into a Parks and Recreation District?

Zumalt, Perry: Take good look at them

As you consider who you wish to have represent you as a county commissioner in Idaho County please take a good look at Jerry Zumalt, his work ethic and his county government philosophy.

Proposed ordinance needs your input

Grangeville City Council is currently proposing to rescind the cat ordinance.

Denney: will do what’s right, will work hard

Letter: Shorty and Marge Arnzen Cottonwood

Leadership - A quality that causes others to follow is the leadership that Lawerence Denney has in serving in the legislature.

Yes to candidates who reject Lochsa exchange

Letter: Marilyn Beckett Moscow

Almost 60 percent of Idaho voters are Independent. Since Republicans closed their primary, these voters are now called “Unaffiliated,” recorded at your county courthouse during primary season.

Zumalt, Perry: well-qualified, solid individuals

Letter: James A. Jeffery Grangeville

Before the coming election, Idaho County voters might do well to reflect just a minute on the record of two current county commissioners, Skip Brandt and Jim Chmelik.

Unclear why no season on lower Salmon River

Letter: Dan Coburn Cottonwood

A hope and a prayer? Biggest salmon run since 1939? Letting the folks on the Snake have six fish per day? Great.

USFS destroying forest, economy

Letter: Leonard Wallace New Meadows

Whatever happened to forest management? In the ‘60s, you could see a long way in the forest, now you are lucky if you can see 100 feet. In the ‘60s we were logging the old growth, the economy was strong, and jobs were plentiful.

Weathermen are wrong because they aren’t locals

I read this article in this small local paper about this person talking about how those who forecast the weather are never right.

Many reasons to support local lands control

Letter: Carol Asher

I would like to both commend and encourage all Idaho state, county and local officials who are spearheading the move to win back managing control over federally owned public lands within our state.

Something needs done on road by district, county

Letter: Douglas A. Winter

An open letter to the Keuterville Highway District and the Idaho County Commissioners.

Thanks Real Life for CV supplies

Letters of thanks : Susan Hill, principal for CVES students, teachers, staff

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Real Life church community for their generous donation of school supplies to the students of Clearwater Valley Elementary School.

Many helped make event ‘fly’

Letter of thanks: Val Stone President Eagle Auxiallry

The Eagles want to thank the community for the support for our sister Eagle, Judy Elliot. Because of all of you we were able to help send her on a “Make a Wish” trip to Alaska and a cruise back home.